Twig & Olive's Business and Tech Academy

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After the success of our Editing Academy, you asked for more help with running your business and using your gear, and we heard you. The truth is that having your technology and business practices rock solid is just as important as the images you produce (maybe even more so in the long run.)

For you, we've designed the Twig & Olive Business and Tech Academy to help you with everything from client workflow to which lens to use at your shoot.

This is the stuff that took us YEARS to refine, and it's precisely the same practices we use to run a very successful company. And we're offering this to you for an astonishingly low price of just $10 per month.

What you get:

  • One complete business or tech video (10-20 minutes) released every Thursday
  • One BONUS video released every month that focuses on topical issues or problems you've told us you need help with
  • Access to a private online group with some of the best photographers we know and that we actively participate

That's 5-6 videos per month packed full of Twig & Olive goodness! And we're doing it all for just $10. But wait, there's more!

If you're a smart and savvy photographer, purchase the entire year for only $99.

That's $8.50 a month for all this great information!

Just a sampling of upcoming topics:


  • How to form your LLC
  • How to find a reputable CPA
  • How to do email templates in Google
  • Everything in ShootQ
  • Why we run two calendars
  • Leveraging timed emails 
  • Workflow for Newborns
  •  Workflow for Family
  • Workflow for pre-wedding
  • Workflow for post-wedding
  • What's next cards
  • Using PS templates to make guides
  • Converting your guidebooks into e-zines
  • Difficult Conversations with Clients


  • Continuous vs. single focus
  • Back button vs. shutter focus
  • To use or not to use a lens filter
  • Primes vs. zooms
  • Difference between focal length compressions 
  • Using a tilt-shift for macro and detail shots
  • Using a macro
  • How to use a reflector in the studio
  • Using flashes in TTL
  • Raw vs. jpg (pros and cons)
  • Depth-of-field as it relates to distance-to-subject
  • Controlling for chromatic aberration
  • Setting a proper white balance
  • Exposure control on raw files

Sign up for Twig and Olive's Business & Tech Academy today for $10/mo or $99/year.